Minor Offshore Wind Energy

Technische Universiteit Delft
Wind energy is one of the most promising renewable energy sources. Generating wind energy at sea in offshore wind farms is a new, challenging and sustainable development in this fast growing industry. The demand for wind energy professionals with a technical, economic and management background, for specialists who are also generalists, is huge.
This minor is an opportunity for students to explore this new branch of the offshore wind industry, and to acquire an in-depth understanding of the technical, financial and political aspects of offshore wind. The course focuses on the link between developing new technology and the relationship with the social context.
The course is aimed at Bachelor’s students at TU Delft from AE, 3mE, EEMCS and CEG. The minor is also an interesting option for students from outside TU Delft with the necessary prior knowledge: basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and mechanical engineering.
After completing the minor, students will:
– have knowledge of the technological aspects of offshore wind energy to supplement their own study programme, and more specifically of the production and transport of (sustainable) electricity.
– be able to place the latest technological developments regarding (offshore) wind energy, smart grids and energy markets in a social context.


Start september
Omvang 30 ECT / 6 maanden
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