Minor Sustainable Development

Universiteit Leiden
Sustainable Development is a well-known concept, but what exactly does it mean? Sustainable Development is a form of development that preserves a sound ecological and social basis for society. This requires awareness of problems like climate change, loss of natural habitats, pollution and soil degradation. But Sustainable Development is also a platform for innovative ideas and practices of habitat development, ‘cradle-to-cradle’ designs for products and cities, corporate social responsibility and globalization and anti-globalization, in the Netherlands, in developing countries and worldwide.
This minor addresses all of these issues from a unique perspective, as it invites you to learn to tackle the problems by first analysing your own views and role regarding the sustainable development issues. You will then be confronted with a wide range of scientific views and solution strategies, which you will be asked to analyse critically.
– It is a specially designed minor with courses that are closely coordinated
– You will learn how the world’s major problems can be made manageable
– You will work within both a local and a global context
– The course uses modern teaching methods (debates, seminars, Facebook, e-learning)
– The course combines academic and practical skills
– You will receive extensive feedback from teachers and from your peers


Start september
Omvang 30 ECT / 6 maanden
Taal Engels

Auteur: Redactie

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