Reactie op Trump – ‘We’ll become a global pariah’

18 november 2016Dr. Joe Romm (oprichter van Climate Progress) schrijft op ‘Thnk Progress’ dat hij vreest dat Trump met zijn klimaatbeleid de Verenigde Staten tot ‘global pariah’ zal maken.

Uit zijn opiniebijdrage 
‘(…) The world will rightly blame the United States for destroying humanity’s last, best hope to avoid catastrophic warming. We will be blamed for the multiple ever-worsening catastrophic climate impacts that befall the planet in the coming years (and decades and beyond). And why not? We’re the richest country and the biggest cumulative carbon polluter, and the pledge we made for Paris was just about the weakest we could offer. And now we aren’t even going to do that. (…) Outside of actual climate experts, it is hard to find “experts” who realize the future of humanity is on a knife’s edge. The one exception was economist Daniel Altman, who warns Trump “could easily cause as many deaths and inflict as much hardship [as the Iraq War] … by reversing the world’s progress to combat climate change.” (…) In the worst-case scenario, we become a global pariah, we get the trade war Trump campaigned on, and “We are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight,” as Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman explained. (…) Let’s all work hard to make sure the worst case doesn’t happen. (…)’

ThinkProgress is journalistiek onafhankelijk project van het  Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Think Progress, 15 november 2016: The U.S. will become a pariah when Trump pulls out of the Paris Climate Agreement

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