Siemens wins another service order for the Veja Mate offshore project

Siemens has received an order for the maintenance and upkeep of the Offshore Substation (OSS) and turbine substructures of the Veja Mate offshore project. Siemens will install 67 six megawatt (MW) class turbines for the 400 MW wind power plant and connect it to land with the BorWin2 DC grid connection. In the summer of 2015 Siemens had already received the service order for the wind turbines. It will now also be responsible for the scheduled maintenance and upkeep of the OSS, the turbine transition pieces as well as inspection of their underwater substructures. The maintenance agreement has a term of five years and will begin with commissioning scheduled for mid-2017. The customer is Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH, a member of Highland Group Holdings Ltd., Copenhagen Infrastructure II and Siemens Financial Services (SFS). ….


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