Statoil start grote zoektocht naar olie en gas in Barentszzee

Statoil start grote zoektocht naar olie en gas in Barentszzee

31 augustus 2016Statoil start in 2017 een grote zoektocht naar olie en gas in de Barentszzee. Dat maakte het bedrijf dinsdag bekend. 

Uit een bericht van Statoil
‘(…) “We have worked systematically on developing an exploration portfolio for testing good and independent prospects in 2017 and 2018. For 2017 we see promising prospects in different parts of the Barents Sea. For example, we want to explore the Blåmann prospect in the Goliat area, Koigen Central in PL718 on Stappen High and the Korpfjell prospect in PL859 that was awarded in the 23rd licensing round,” says Jez Averty, Statoil’s head of exploration on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS).
In addition to an exploration well in PL849 (Blåmann), awarded in the Award in Predefined Areas (APA) in January 2016, Statoil and the operator ENI have also agreed on drilling a new exploration well in PL229 (Goliat) in 2017. Statoil has already a rig on contract which is suitable for operation in the Barents Sea. The company is working on obtaining approval from partners and authorities for an exploration campaign in 2017 covering between 5 and 7 wells in the Barents Sea. (…)’

Een van de te boren putten, op 418 kilometer ten noorden van Noorwegen, is de meest noordelijk gelegen olieput ter wereld, aldus Reuters.

Het besluit om de grootschalige zoektocht naar olie te starten is opmerkelijk, omdat de meeste olie- en gasbedrijven nog maar weinig investeren in het zoeken naar nieuwe olie- en gasvoorraden. Statoil verwacht de kosten voor de exploratie laag te kunnen houden.

‘(…) “We have also worked efficiently on reducing costs by developing new technology, such as Cap-XTM, and improving drilling efficiency. The wells to be drilled in the south-eastern part of the Barents Sea next year seem to be the most inexpensive offshore exploration wells throughout Statoil,” continues Averty. (…)’

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