Vermont governor Shumlin calls on pensions to divest $4.02b portfolio from Exxon, coal

During today’s State of the State Address, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin called on the state’s pension funds to divest the $4.02 billion portfolio from coal, as well as from the infamous fossil fuel corporation ExxonMobil.
“Our small state must partner with California, which manages hundreds of billions of dollars of state funds, and divest Vermont of coal. Let’s remember Vermont is downwind of the coal fired plants to our West; we’re the tailpipe to their dirty energy choices,” said Governor Shumlin. “Their pollution sickens our children, creates acid rain, dumps mercury on our forests and in our lakes and increases greenhouse gas emissions. I ask that you send me a divestiture bill just like California’s.  While you’re doing that, Governor Brown and I will invite other Governors to join us in what should be a national effort.” …. 

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