WBCSD’s Forest Solutions Group’s KPIs highlight the sector’s role in global sustainability

For the second year, the WBCSD Forest Solutions Group (FSG) released its assessment against the group’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Based on the FSG Membership Principles & Responsibilities, members measure performance across six core environmental and societal commitments to track their joint progress in sustainability and set a new benchmark for the sector.
This year’s set of KPIs reveal the sector’s contribution to critical SDGs in addition to its central role in climate change mitigation through natural carbon capture and storage. The FSG contributes to SDG 6 by returning 92% of the water running through production facilities to the water source; SDG 7 with an average of 71% of energy consumption from renewable sources, mainly biomass; SDG 12 with only 26% of solid waste sent to landfill; and SDG 15 with 88% of directly managed forests certified for sustainable management by one or more internationally recognized third-party verification systems.  …. 


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