Wereldwijd een explosieve groei van hernieuwbare energie

Wereldwijd een explosieve groei van hernieuwbare energie

20 oktober 2016Het Internationaal Energie Agentschap (IEA) zal op 16 november met zijn World Energy Outlook 2016 komen en daarin zal het IEA alle voorspellingen met betrekking tot hernieuwbare energie drastisch bijstellen. Dat meldt Bloomberg, dat ook al twee spectaculaire grafieken uit het rapport weet te publiceren. 

Uit het bericht van Bloomberg
‘(…) The world’s most prominent energy forecaster will raise its outlook for wind and solar installations following a decade of underestimating growth in the renewables industry. (…) “The IEA has significantly raised its estimates for the deployment of renewables compared with previous years reflecting major changes in energy policies around the world, such as the adoption of the Paris Agreement,” Jad Mouawad, the IEA spokesman, said by e-mail. (…) This year’s forecasts seek to reflect the growing number of countries adopting climate change policies, as well as the global deal to curb carbon emissions and global warming agreed in Paris in December. (…)’

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Uit de IEA-aankondiging van World Energy Outlook 2016
‘(…) The successful outcome of COP21 has raised hopes and expectations of concerted global efforts to tackle climate change. How will this affect the momentum behind the deployment of key renewable technologies and the drive for greater energy efficiency? Ample supply is keeping downward pressure on fossil fuel prices, coal, oil and natural gas. When and how will market dynamics change – or might lower prices for some fuels be here to stay? The impact of local pollution, often energy-related, on air quality is a matter of rising social and political concern in many countries. How can governments act to tackle this problem – and what would these actions mean for the energy sector? (…)
Major focus on renewables: renewable energy is vital to steer the energy system to the low-carbon future envisioned in the Paris agreement. This analysis will assess the rapid improvement in the competitiveness and economics of renewables, relative to fossil-fuels and other low carbon options, as well as the opportunities and questions that a rising share of renewable energy open up for the energy system as a whole. (…)’

Bloomberg, 15 oktober 2016: Two Charts That Show How Renewable Energy Has Blown Away Expectations
IEA, aankondiging World Energy Outlook 2016

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