Solar PV could be similar to the shale gas disruption for the utilities industry

Roland Berger
‘SOLAR PV could be similar to the shale gas disruption for the utilities industry’
Juni 2015, 24 pagina’s

In just 30 years, solar PV has developed from a niche segment into a high growth market. Once mainly used in remote locations, it is now installed on all types of rooftops and land sites on all continents, almost regardless of irradiation. Solar PV is therefore moving into a position to become a game changer for the utility industry. We see this move as disruptive for the utilities industry as the shale gas revolution that dramatically impacted the whole energy landscape.
Solar PV enables energy consumers to produce power. Its energy is produced at the site of consumption; this decentralization reduces the need for transmis- sion. Utility companies, whose business models are based on centralized power generation and one-way transmission, will have to prepare for the lower volumes and lower peak loads, for the reduced revenues and margins in turn. But solar PV not only presents chal- lenges; it also creates new opportunities for energy delivery and for the services that will install, maintain and operate these new facilities. As it depends on the sun, the production profile of solar PV is intermittent depending on solar irradiation and clouds.
Production is highest around noon and absent during the night. New solutions will have to be developed that can deliver consistent electricity to meet demand. Utilities, in redefining their business models to match this new state of affairs, can position themselves to play an important role in matching energy supply and demand in the decades to come.
This paper describes the challenges and opportunities for utilities posed by solar PV. (…)’

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